PASS FC offers FREE Speed & Agility training for any currently enrolled PASS player, U9 and up, who wishes to continue to improve their speed and fitness throughout the summer and winter months on a weekly basis.


Bridge Training is for U8-U12 players who want to "bridge the gap" and become a better player. Current PASS players, and non-PASS players who want to join a team are invited to attend. Players will gain more confidence on the ball and sharpen their individual soccer skills.


This camp is for all junior players in the club who want to improve their foot and fundamental skills, passing, ball control, dribbling, turns, and shooting. Lots of small sided games to get players maximum touches on the ball, build confidence and have fun.


This camp is designed to push the player harder physically and mentally to improve their skills while working on all fundamental skills in game drills and small sided game scenarios. Lots of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 drills and small sided games.


A favorite with most players, the week is dedicated to goal scoring with lots of 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 drills, small sided games concentrating on when to shoot, how to shoot and why. Also work on technique, inside, laces, outside, volleys, chipping, power shots, etc. Goal keepers welcome!


This camp is for all academy and select level teams and is an opportunity for players to get touches on the ball, meet teammates and get to know our coaches before the season officially begins. Camp attendance is HIGHLY recommended and is included in your player fees so take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Winter Training

PASS offers Winter training to all enrolled players. Academy and Premier players are automatically enrolled in the program as part of their package price. Select players have the options to pay an extra fee to participate in training throughout the winter. Winter training promotes a quicker rate of improvement in skills because the player experiences learning on a continual basis from fall to spring.