Fees and Refund Policy


SELECT: U7 $300 U8 $400 U9 $500 U10 $500 U11 $580 U12 $580 U13/14 $650 U15-18 $440 (one season)

ACADEMY:  U10 $650* U11 $750* U12 $850*

PREMIER: U13/14 $1,150* U15-18 $850* (one season)

CLUB FEES FOR U7-U18 Include:

  • 2 training sessions per week
  • Summer and winter training 2 times per week (Academy and Premier only)
  • 8-10 games per season
  • Pre-season camp (Select and Academy only)
  • Fall Kick-Off Event
  • Coaching Fees
  • League expenses
  • Referee expenses
  • Administrative expenses
  • Field rental and set-up
  • Free in-season technical training
  • Free in-season goal keeper training
  • Free winter Speed & Agility (U9 and above)
  • Free summer Speed & Agility (U9 and above)
  • Expenses for 1 tournament (Select and Academy)
  • State Cup tournament registration (Academy and Premier only)
  • Winter training 1-2 sessions per week (Academy and Premier – extra fee for Select)

*TEAM FEES for Academy and Premier Teams only are for individualized team expenses and activities. TEAM FEES are estimated by the prior year’s team and run from $300-$550 depending on the activities the team chooses to participate in. These can include extra tournaments, indoor facility and leagues, team bonding activities and expenses for team, coach and office. TEAM FEES are an estimate. Any additional funds needed by the team will be collected when needed and any funds left over will be refunded to the player from the team account.

►Uniforms will need to be purchased by the player through Team Gazelle. Information on this is online at www.gazellesports.com under soccer club uniforms and fan wear.


What to consider before committing your child to the team.                                    

When a player accepts a spot on a PASS team, he/she is filling a roster spot and making a commitment to the team for an entire playing year, which includes the fall and spring seasons (High school teams are 1 season). Each team is formed from a verbal/written commitment, and is finalized with the league when enrollment has been completed. Withdrawing may leave the team in jeopardy of not meeting league rules for minimum number of players.

Non-Injury REFUND POLICY This refund policy should be considered before signing your child up for a club team. If a player decides to leave the team after they have completed Step #1 & #2 of the enrollment process (online or otherwise), the following will apply:

  • Player sends written communication to the club BEFORE their team is registered with the league – 70% refund.
  • Player sends written communication to the club AFTER their team is registered with the league – NO refund.


Club fees are considered payment for the player to hold a roster spot on the team, not for the number of games or practices they participate in.

SEASON(s) ENDING INJURY If the player is injured and can no longer participate with the team through it’s entirety, the player should send a written refund request and a doctor’s note explaining the injury. The PASS Board of Directors will review this and award a partial Club fee refund depending on the timing of the injury to the season(s) completion. The player will be removed from the team roster and may not participate in any team activities.

RETURNING TO PLAY INJURY If the player is injured and wishes to remain on the team roster and participate in any activities they are able to, or they wish to come back to the team after their injury is healed, there is no refund available for Club fees.

Premier/Academy players only: 

  • For Injured players: Team Fees paid will be refunded, less expenses already used.
  • For player who voluntarily withdraws from a team, no refund of Team Fees will be given.

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES Refunds for certain circumstances (moving, loss of employment, etc.) will be reviewed on an individual basis and documentation is required to be considered by the Board of Directors.