PASS FC is a non-profit soccer club formed in 2001 to bring quality soccer to players in and around Grand Rapids, Michigan.

PASS offers 3 playing levels based on age and ability.



Select soccer is the entry level program in PASS FC for U7-U19. Tryouts are held in mid-June for the soccer year which includes the fall season (August-October) and the spring season (March-June). Both seasons are required for U7-U14. There are 2 practices per week, 8 games per season - 4 home and 4 away, with one 2-day tournament for U9-U14 and optional winter training, winter leagues and extra tournaments for U9-19. The player fee includes FREE Speed & Agility training with a fitness professional for U9 and up.



Academy soccer can begin as early as U9 and follows a Pre-Premier/Director's Academy training curriculum. Commitment increases at this level with 1-3 more tournaments, winter training and winter leagues. Academy soccer is for the Select player who desires a challenge and wishes to play more soccer than offered in our Select Program. Faster improvement is seen because of additional playing opportunities and training sessions.




Premier players play with and against the best players in the state beginning at the U11 age group (Director's League). This level encourages quicker decisions and more physical play on the field. The training is more advanced and coaches hold higher licenses. Tryouts for this level are more selective and players commit to year round training and additional tournaments.


PASS is a developmental soccer club.

The PASS Training curriculum includes the four components of soccer: tactical, technical, physical and psycho-social. It is structured to provide age appropriate activities and child-centered learning. Players are offered extra training programs and the opportunity to move to a developmentally suitable level as they progress.

Quality not Quantity

PASS is a non-profit soccer club that is dedicated to player development. A limited number of teams are fielded, allowing coaches and directors to keep focus on the improvement of all players by offering them quality training sessions with fewer players and teams.

Experienced Coaching Staff

PASS takes pride in our coaching staff. We continue to push our senior staff coaches to improve through continuing education and the mentoring of our younger coaches. New coaches must meet strict guidelines and participate in mentoring before they are eligible for a head coaching position.

Competitive Player Fees

PASS continues to bring players a quality program at or below industry standards for Michigan. Our entry level fees are competitive and our advanced level fees are well below our competitors pricing for the offerings included. PLAYER FEES

Speed & Fitness Program

PASS believes that a competitive athlete is a fit athlete, both physically and mentally. We have a fitness expert on staff to offer helpful advice and programs to provide the PASS athlete with a complete, well-rounded experience.

The PASS Mission


The PASS mission is to provide challenging opportunities for young people of diverse backgrounds to develop and demonstrate life enhancing values and behaviors through the sport of soccer. These values include teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility and perseverance.


The PASS philosophy is for soccer players to improve their technical and tactical skills at the developmental level that is appropriate for them. We strive to engage the player with experienced, positive coaches who are committed to providing an outstanding learning environment for our players. Our goal is for players to develop to the fullest extent of their ability with a balance of competition and fun.



One Competitive and Two Select Teams at Each Age Group


Our long term developmental plan is to maintain 2-3 teams at each age group, one competitive and two select, while continually working to improve our coaching staff and competition level.

Competitive Leagues

PASS will continue to seek acceptance into leagues at the highest competition level offered, while maintaining a developmental focus suitable for our member's ages and desires. 

New Soccer Complex

In addition, we are developing a new four field soccer complex and investing in our current facilities to provide our players with appropriate training and match facilities.


"I was deleting all my old emails today from being a team manager for PASS for both Chad and Jake's teams and it made me sad, but happy at the same time. Sad that it is an end of an era in my kids lives, but happy that we were a part of the PASS family! It sounds somewhat cheesy, but I truly feel like PASS was a family to us! We have talked before about how God has His Hand in our paths, even when we don't realize it. And I most certainly feel that way about PASS' presence in our lives. My goal was always to provide my kids with excellent coaching without compromising our family values and beliefs. Looking back and into the future, PASS has flip flopped that by reinforcing our family values and beliefs while providing excellent coaching. I cannot thank you enough for all you do for PASS! I appreciate the time you put into ensuring the safety and well being of each and every player! While it must seem tasking at times and behind the scenes, know that I am forever thankful! My kids will forever be impacted by the excellent coaching they received that helped make them great soccer players, but more importantly men of skills and characteristics that will last a life time...

Respect of Other (teammates and coaches alike)
Being a good teammate
Team Building and Strengthening
Hard Working
Facing Adversity with Grace
High Moral Character
Compassion for those less fortunate
and the list goes on and on.

I will forever be grateful to you and Mark, Dianne & Jeff for all you have given to my boys! We have been blessed by you all!"

from Amy C.

"We have had the most positive experience with PASS.  I have so much respect for this club, just because they care so much for the players, coaches, and the parents. PASS FC is a wonderful club."

from Mary W.

“I wanted to take a moment to provide feedback about Coach Dave Clark.  This is my son Audun’s second year at PASS.  He played on Coach Clark’s team, and it was by far the best year of soccer we have ever had in Audun’s 5 year soccer career. 

Coach Clark puts everything he has into these boys.  Audun has improved consistently and rapidly.  We have been so pleased with his growth.  Coach Clark has inspired Audun to work hard, and he has caused the entire team to gel and improve together.  We couldn’t be happier with the year we had.  Coach Clark is a big reason for this.  We are grateful to him and the PASS program.  Our second grade daughter and a few of her friends are transferring to the program as a result.  Thank you for this quality experience!”  Michele Thorson

“I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it has been for Coco to be a part of Jake Russell and Ken Greer’s team. Matt and I were talking last night. We feel that Coco is getting some really great instruction and you can see how the girls are improving- skill wise, position awareness, ability to pass to one another. It’s nice to have an experienced, mature coach who does a great job initiating good communication with parents. Doesn’t happen on every team. Last night the u8 girls beat Crew 4-2 (who we lost to 2-5 in the beginning of spring). Felt good!” 

Bethany B. – parent

PASS has made my daughter and her team true competitors on the soccer field!!

Julie G. – parent

I am very proud to be a part of PASS, and what we encourage and accomplish with our teams and the players.  I would like to speak on behalf of the coaches, players, and player families to say Thank You for what you have done, and continue to do with PASS. You have made such an extremely positive impact on so many young athletes lives that will in some cases, define who they are or who they will become.

Bob Kramer-head coach