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Congratulations PASS FC 06B NLC!

USYS - Great Lakes Conference - First White Division Champs (6-1-0)
State Cup Semi-Finalist - U13 division

The 2006 boys were accepted into the USYSA National League Conference(NLC) after the fall 2018 Michigan State Premier League (MSPSP) season record earned them the opportunity. The Great Lakes Conference League has teams from Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. The team finished with a 6-1-0 record. They will be moved into a higher division for the 2019/20 playing year and are currently ranked #10 in the state. Great job team and coaches!

U9 girls 2019.jpg

2010 girls fought their way to top honors in Spring GVSA u9g 1st Division. This hard working team returns this year as a U10 Academy Team coached by Glenn Turek and Ally Muth.

06 boys NLC.jpg

Congratulations! The ‘06 boys are NLC White Division champs!


u10 boys

Midwest United Spring Classic Champions. They are coached by Jason Wingard and Dave Clark


06 boys u15

GVSU Tournament Champs

U15 Girls 1st Place Premier League (2).jpg

u15 girls premier

First place in the Premier League

U12 Girls CMU Soccerfest Champs 2019.jpg

U12 girls

CMU Soccerfest Champs

08 Girls DA GVSU Tournament Coach Brown.jpg

08 Girls director’s academy (da)

GVSU Tournament

05 Boys Finished 5-2-1.jpg

05 Boys coached by jeo pantoja

Finished 5-2-1 in their division

06 Boys NCL GVSU division winner.jpg

‘06 Boys NCL

GVSU Division Winners

06 Boys Premier.jpg

PASS ‘06 BOYS 2018-19

This team has been accepted to play in the US Youth Soccer National League Great Lakes Conference. This is one of thirteen conferences under the US Youth Soccer National Leagues Program in the multi-state tier. This is a great accomplishment since only a limited number of teams get accepted. The team is coached by Mark VanSlooten and Machel James.

The top teams will advance to the US Youth Regional Championships with a chance to earn a coveted spot in the National Tier of the Leagues Program, the US Youth National League. Playing in the championships offers exposure to collegiate, professional, and US National Team coaches.